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Our Vision

We want to see a Cameroon that is an African front runner when it comes to food security, peace building, environmental peace, affordable, organic and localized food products . 

Our Mission

By offering new, exciting, and affordable environmental, educational and food solutions, we will change the way people consume food, are aware of their health, and become conscious of protecting each other, the environment and their indigenous communities.

Our Objectives

– To provide an interactive space for internally displaced youths and marginalized women in our rural and war affected communities and make sure that 90% of them successfully acquire new skills and knowledge in organic gardening, local food processing, food transformation, food preservation and bookkeeping. They would also acquire leadership skills, build on their confidence and improve on their self-esteem.

– To create inclusive and equal learning environments where all beneficiaries, including those who feel marginalized to feel accepted, empowered and have a strong sense of connection and commitment.

– To use environmental friendly agriculture as a peace-building tool towards the civil unrest in Cameroon, create a social mind-set shift, as well as promoting environmental peace

Welcome to the world of Peace crops!

Peace Crops is dedicated specifically to work with war affected communities, displaced orphans, marginalized women, schools and other entities, to practically carry out peaceful agriculture projects and promote environmental conservation practices. With our organic farming Campaigns we are engage in using agriculture as a peace building tool and our rehabilitation projects center on equipping community members with the knowledge needed to combat hunger, unemployment and climate change.

Njeke Joshua E.

Founder, CEO of Peace Crops

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Our Values

Our Mantras

Our Attributes

Peace Crops in Corona times

The Covid-19 pandemic has not only affected the operations of Peace Crops, but it has brought many people who were already positioned on the margins of society in existential need.
Our team has been and is working hard to coordinate emergency relief support for this group.
To give you an idea of how the Corona crisis affects the lives of the Peace Crops and our communities please have a look at the Peace crops Corona blog.
Till date, we were able to provide emergency support 1000+ people with food/shelter and/or medicines/others…

Stay Safe

Please take good care of yourself and others, stay safe and healthy! With very best regards, the entire Peace Crops team,.

Help those in need

To be able to continue our work at Peace Crops and to support those in need, we kindly request for your help. Any amount helps! You can donate by clicking the donation buttom. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

Peace Crops in 30 seconds
Empowering Marginalized Rural Women
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