Corporate Partners

Become a Sponsor of an orphan, a woman, a farm !

Peace Crops is supported entirely by voluntary contributions and the support from our corporate partners makes a significant contribution to our work.

We believe in partnership and are happy to work alongside you to share experiences and build a successful relationship that remains fresh and continues in the longer term

How can you help?

There are a variety of ways in which you can support
Peace Crops with your company, such as corporate
donations, employee fundraising and customer engagement.

  • Corporate Donation

Many companies, or their charitable foundations, choose to make a straight forward donation. Peace Crops works closely with its partners to decide where the money goes and offers reporting to ensure you can be clear about the huge difference your donation has made.

  • Employee Fundraising

You can organize a fundraising campaign amongst your employees to support Peace Crops. We support employees by providing strong case studies, pictures and other materials that will help employee groups to feel motivated, engaged and enthused by their actions for children. In some cases the money raised is then matched by the company as an extra incentive.

  • Customer Engagement

A simple, yet effective way to work with Peace Crops while also effectively communicating the quality of your brand values to your customers. Creating a win-win situation by communicating for the good cause while enjoying a positive image of your brand

What are the sponsor benefits?

Working with Peace Crops positively impacts or highlights the brand values of your organization to customers, stakeholders and employees.

Brand impact, profile and recognition, unrivaled expertise, media relations, global influence, the opportunity for networking and sharing learning and to develop globally recognize cause-related initiatives.

Build your company’s profile and reputation through an association with a 7 year record of leading projects and programs towards Organic agriculture and environmental protection.