About Us

PEACE CROPS is the Flagship program of AGRI-LIFE Association(registered in 2018 in Cameroon) with the Registration No: 526/G.37/C84/Vol I/SASC
Our Organization

Fast Growing Eco Friendly Organization

Njeke Joshua E.

Founder, CEO of Peace Crops

Our Brand Mark
The Peace Crops brand mark is made up of cereal flower and Peace Crops logotype. The shapes that creates the icon is abstract renditions of a food crop. The brand mark reflects organic, energy and a sense of constant innovation, in addition to portray a professional personality. All these visual cues mirrors the values and goals behind Peace Crops


Villages have been burnt down, girls raped, parents killed and no jobs. In order to survive, many youths are picking up arms to fight back.

With Peace Crops, we want to use agriculture as a peace-building tool towards the civil unrest in Cameroon as well as promoting environmental peace.

Engaging these youths in activities such as agriculture, create a new generation of young people who will use their youthful energies to buildup communities rather than burning down communities.

We are part of this generation and WE have to make others  understand that the same tool we used as a weapon can also be used as a tool to secure food…

Our rehabilitation and correction projects

Our rehabilitation and correction projects aim to equip displaced orphans and women with knowledge needed to combat unemployment, hunger and to stop the ongoing conflict. In order to create a mindset shift from the negative experiences these internally displaced orphans and women have gone through in life, we do meet on weekends for life skills trainings sessions at our Peace Crops Eco friendly Training Center. We do have sessions on leadership skills, building self confidence and improving on one’s self-esteem.

 At the end of the training program, we try our best to support these beneficiaries with farming tools to help them set up their own farms. Instead of them joining the rebels in the civil war, they will become self-employed and keep themselves occupied. 

Awards & Recognition