Current Projects

Earth Rising Indigenous BONAVADA Forest Project

We are working with the tribal and indigenous people of the BONAVADA community, creating positive socio-economic and ecological impacts. Our goal is to encourage these indigenous farmers to practice organic agriculture while supporting them to form groups as part of the Participatory Guarantee System so as to help them focus on promoting forms of sustainable agriculture such as organic gardening, domestication of None Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), micro-enterprise building and intensive vocational training programs.

We have worked alongside selected 150 of our fellow indigenous farming/forest households to make them  understand the importance of protecting their farms, their forest, their rights and the benefits their  engagement would have in boosting long term household and community survival and resilience. They are presently being transformed into sustainable farmers and micro-enterprise owners who could also become veritable forest protection stewards within their respective communities across the South West Region of Cameroon.

Food4All COVID-19 Community Emergency Intervention Program.

Orphanage Garden COVID-19 Response Project

Children helping

Peace Crops Program and Rehabilitation

AGROPHAN (Agriculture for Orphanages)

Agroforestry Program

Vocational Training Center

Sustainable Agriculture

BONAVADA Women Community Maize Project