Peace Crops Team

Kedze Yuobong Clementine

My professional background: B. Sc. in Economics/ organizational development, University of Buea (Cameroon).
She sacrificing both time and resources to support Peace Crops’s activities. Peace Crops is greatly benefiting from her Economics, Financial Management, and other technical skills which she is always willing to share.

Lyonga Joel Mogombe

I graduated from the University of Buea (Cameroon) in 2019 with a B. Sc. in geography. Key aspects of my studies have been environmental protection and environmental education. My internship at Peace Crops is a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge and gain more practical experience in my field of interest. Helping to preserve the unique biodiversity of Buea and the surrounding rainforest is very meaningful to me. My main project is environmental education in orphanages. Here I try to raise awareness and to transmit knowledge about environmental issues and thereby contribute to nature protection.

Peace Crops greatly benefited and is still benefiting from his computer and other technical skills which he was always willing to share.

Akhilesh Sharma

Founder of Yantra Daan Foundation

I am an enthusiast learner, facilitator, traveler and tech entrepreneur believing in empowering youth’s and myself as well. After working more than 4 years with youth, I witnessed firsthand how a second hand computer can change the life of a person that doesn’t have the means to get a new one.

Peace Crops greatly benefited and is still benefiting from his computer and other technical skills which he was always willing to share.

Ako Sophie

My professional background: B. Sc. in Curriculum Studies and Teaching in English/ organizational development, University of Buea (Cameroon). Within Peace Crops I work in Orphanages by using the 4-element-padagogics. We try to grow some sensibility for environmental issues by using positive experience within nature.
As I believe in the creative power of young people I started an additional sustainable project by focusing on the elder orphans. The basic idea within this project is to develop some project management skills as well as gaining self-esteem and motivation to take responsibility for their own lives. With Peace Crops and CCREAD-Cameroon I got the chance to combine professional work with my personal desires for cultural-exchange, traveling and living in unique nature.


My passion for human rights, gender equality and environmental awareness  led me to getting a BA in Women and Gender studies. The importance of the environment is undeniable. It is vital that people all over the world begin learning and caring about the environment by taking responsibility for their actions. We only have one Earth and I am committed to preserving it for the future generations to come.

Awah Ntanen

After studying Geology and also partaking in many community food projects, I wanted to take part in the side of nature protection that is active on the ground. I believe that over usage of chemical fertilizers and deforestation are a threat to be addressed in priority because tropical forests shelter an exceptional biodiversity and are an indispensable provider of all ecosystem services. That is why I wanted to give my contribution against this problem not from home or the university, but right where it lies.

Nkongme Mathias B

I am a holder of a bachelor of science in banking and finance obtained from the University Institute of National polytechnic Bamenda in the year 2016. My passion to transmit knowledge pushed me to take teaching as a profession in 2017 where I taught in the primary school as a primary six teacher and later on moved to the secondary sector as an economics and commerce teacher. Throughout my career as a teacher, I saw the need to empower children , students , youths and our local communities in the domain of agriculture and environmental sustainability. This pushed me to apply as a volunteer to work at  Agric Life Association where I was trained and molded on how to empower our local community schools through agriculture. I hope to use these skills to empower our community schools most especially those in the war affected zones of my country where I come from.

Kuku Rebecca Tambe

My passion is to know about the society to know the interaction between human beings as  well as their culture led  me to pursue a
bachelor degree in sociology and Anthropology. Working at peace corps gives me an opportunity to gain more experience in my field of study.